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About Salvado

Salvado is a reliable brand for safes and security. We strive to fulfill our clients security needs from European graded safes, custom luxury safes, fire and burglary, bank level vaults, and camouflage safes for home, business, or office use.

We only accept the highest standards especially in security. Our safes are 2 hours fire rated, ECB-S certified, ISO certified and are offered with an exclusive 5 year warranty.

We have been in the security business for 30 years. We provide ready-made and custom made safes and enforced vaults for banks. Salvado acts as a security consultants to provide you with full security systems for your protection. Salvado provides security cameras and full automation systems for your premises whether commercial or residential. Our client’s safety and satisfaction are our number 1 priorities.

Our team of professionals provides you with 24 / 7 maintenance, with a 5 year warranty on all our products.
Call us now for a free consultation to advise you on the best security system that meets your needs.


Salvado Safes features

Salvado safes are fire rated, Secured and trusted. with a big variety of features, Buying a Salvado safe will be your best choice

With Salvado safes, Safety is not a choice, it is a decision

Salvado is a brand that projects security
We are striving to protect your most valuable assets in one place
Security has only one address – SALVADO

Step 1
You call Salvado

Step 2
We answer your call gladly

Step 3
We move to your premises

Step 4
We study your needs

Step 5
We deliver

Step 6
Or just send us and email

    Salvado safes in Lebanon
    Salvado safes in Lebanon
    Salvado safes in Lebanon
    Salvado safes in Lebanon

    Salvado Safes

    Salvado Safes

    Wide variety of safes for business and residential use

    Salvado Maintenance

    Salvado Maintenance

    Our team is highly qualified and ready to serve you wherever you are

    Salvado Consultancy

    Salvado Consultancy

    We are your best consultants with everything related to safes and security

    Salvado Security cams

    Salvado Security cams

    stay tuned and watch the places you want to protect directly from your phone